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Health Canada is currently reviewing the voluntary letter of no objection (LONO) program for the regulation of food-contact materials. The review was made due to the following triggers:

Amendments to the Canadian Fish Inspection Regulations, Egg Regulations, and Meat Inspection Regulations, which repealed the requirement in Canada for pre-market authorization of food packaging materials in federally registered facilities.

A call by Health Canada’s Health Products and Food Branch for a review of existing operations to find efficiencies in program delivery.

Health Canada is looking into proposing these regulatory framework:

  • Any process dealing with oversight of food packaging materials must be based on sound scientific principles;
  • Any new “approach” should lead to a predictable and effective program;
  • To the greatest extent possible, any changes should align with approaches adopted by Canada’s major trading partners;
  • Stakeholder requirements and perspectives must be considered; and
  • Any new approach should be sustainable.

The review will still be under discussion and approval of Health Canada.



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